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    Welcome to my posted free marketing/sales articles section. These articles have been written by marketing experts and cover most marketing disciplines.

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    This articles that focus on all aspects of human resource management including recruitment, selection, t & d, talent management, human capital etc.

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    Easy management articles and reviews as helpful material for mba student to understand HR and Marketing fundas in easy and layman language.

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Jignesh Soni’s Site is a created just for knowledge sharing purpose. This website template is optimized for 1024X768 screen resolution.

Unlike many blogs and websites that focus on a single product or technology, I tend to post about anything that interests me. Most of the topics relate to technology, some of them are about experiments, some would be considered news, but I try to make sure that every post adds value. Most of all, I enjoy the connection to community that this site enables. I read every single piece of feedback and respond to many. I also respond to nearly every e-mail I receive. The feedback keeps me grounded and in-touch with my audience, and I'm always happy to help answer questions. Enjoy!

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